About PetVet Dx

PetVet Dx is a therapeutic management company specializing in targeted PCR molecular diagnostics to improve clinical care in all species of animals. Our revolutionary molecular technology provides a firm foundation for diagnostics in animal health services for veterinarians, farmers, and pet owners. PetVet Dx believes that the only diagnostic test that should be performed is one that will improve an animal’s overall outcome.

The PetVet Dx Advantage

PetVet Dx takes pride in a “no compromise” policy for animal health, striving to be the market leader in the molecular diagnostic veterinary industry. From inception, our goal has been to advance the current diagnostic studies, improve clinical management outcomes for the animal population and to fill in the gaps that exist in the diagnosis and treatment options in veterinary medicine. We specialize in customizing molecular diagnostic panels to detect cancers, pathogen and infections and identification for pathogen antibiotic resistance performed in a state-of-the-art facility vetted by professionals. PetVet Dx offers ultra-modern diagnostics and pharmaceuticals that revolutionizes animal treatments, with real-time PCR detection, and decision-supported software. Our quest is to offer better treatments recommendations, improve clinical outcomes and reduce morbidity and mortality.

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